Girls Will Rise (Mentorship Hub): is a curriculum based program dedicated to strengthening the lives of young adolescent girls in and out of school. The program is held twice weekly in all M-hub locations to empower girls by building their self-confidence and challenging them to discover and fulfill their potentials in life. The program is targeted at girl’s aged 9 to 16 in secondary schools. Every young girl needs to know that she can be safe, and she can be heard while trusting that someone takes time to listen to her deepest fears or her best ideas in a zero judgment zone.

The Mentorship hub provides an experience for young girls to thrive in areas such as writing, poetry, board games, arts, music and vocational skills (photography, bead making, fashion, website and blog design).

Annual Symposium

The Foundation hosts an annual M-Hub Symposium, where all M-hub ambassadors are brought Mentorship-Hub (M-Hub):

together to celebrate their values as well as induct girls into the Girl Inspired Mentors Network. The symposium provides an opportunity for girls to build friendships and solidarity with other girls, become an empowered agent of community change with a profound impact for more girls.

The Innovation

The innovation of the M-Hub program is that it is uniquely positioned to address prevalent crisis facing adolescent girls living in economically disadvantaged communities or homes, providing a strong and positive sense of worth, awareness and access to resources. M-hub sessions are designed to be creative and enriching.


M-Hub sessions are held in schools with a dedicated center for girls aged 9 to 16 to encourage constant attendance, while ensuring they do not miss out of their required school work, the creative sessions also encourages girls to attend school, enabling the Foundation to keep track of girls while in secondary school, until they get into insitiutions of higher learning. Once in Universities, girls are inducted as Girls Inspired Advisors (G.I.A). They pay-it-forward by using their own stories to encourage other girls, while passing on values learned. Also, they extend the reach of the M-Hub program where ever they go,   especially in hard to reach places where the M-Hub program is yet to be established.

What Girls Will Rise Mentorship-Hub Offers:

  • A safe space for girls by girls.
  • A creative space to express and develop her talents.
  • Establishing a positive and healthy relationship to thrive.
  • Developing interpersonal, social and effective life skills.
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Building.
  • Sexual Health, Body Image, and health awareness

Trained Mentors that care.