When an African woman is trained and provided with the right tools, she can become an economic powerhouse. She Thrives is our skill and development acquisition enterprise which provides women with the opportunity to be adept in a skill by training or re-training her to start or grow her own business using technological innovation to advance her trade or craft. Regrettably, technology has been underused in unlocking women’s economic opportunities.

Young women aged between 18 to 40 years are given the opportunity to put their ideas to work, while GIDN offers expertise in improving women’s access to technology.

To spur their economic advancement and stimulate broader economic growth, providing a viable business plan, financial management, on-going mentoring and seed funding or loan to kick start or grow her business.

GIDN empowers economically disadvantaged women by giving them a sense of pride in their work, while ensuring that they have a sustainable business to support their families and also keep their children in school, thus ending the intergenerational transmission of poverty.

Depending on the level of each woman’s education and exposure, we provide additional support for women in areas such as product packaging, budgeting, marketing, communication and presentation, computer appreciation and customer relations classes.